Wednesday, September 05, 2007

so much to say

hi. let me start there! i have had a great summer at ART & SOUL PYOP (paint your own pottery) and i am already enjoying a break. my dad and lori are here in NJ visiting and I decided to take the week off. We did a few touristy things today like make smashed pennies! and eat pizza outside on the nice tables with umbrellas! we had to stop in art & soul and label some boxes for shipping. but thats not too bad. here are a few summer highlights - 4th of july fireworks were cancelled because of strong winds, but we still had a fun party. hot august days brought lots of painters but the busy time was when it rained. thanks to all of our friends who came in and visited us this summer. it has been a beautiful week so far and i hope it stays nice. sorry to all who have to spend it in school but hey that means you will be much smarter in 9 months time. and when you're off i will be working hard! good night for now.


thebensonator said...

glad you're having a good summer and got the chance to take a lil time off! :)

OutOfTheSilent said...

Mell good to see you back, glad summer was good, glad you found me out there on that world wide web thing, looking forward to what the next 9 months holds for you... a lot can happen in 9 months... hey you brought 9 months up... is there something you want to tell us??