Wednesday, June 11, 2008

we did it!

so it only took 10 months but david and i are licensed foster parents for the state of NJ. we had our final inspection today and it was about an hour (much shorter then we expected) and the person who did the inspection was very very nice i was alone because david had to work and i was so nervous that the inspector would be mean. But when he showed up 15 min early he was very nice and he told me not to worry about anything he isnt looking to fail us, he wants to see us pass. So needless to say 1 hour later and after he looked in every closet, cupboard (he had to test the child safety locks) and he turned on every facet, checked that the toilet flushed and then looked around outside. then he had to interview me about what we are going to do for punishment and for rewards. and i explained that we want to be positive not negative and we want out child to be safe so they will have rules that keep them safe. they have a no corporal punishment rule (duh!) so time outs or loss of priviledges is our choice. and then we are going to do reward charts and a big reward like a picnic, going to the zoo and such. the inspector seemed happy with my answers and he sia that we are going to be great parents and he can tell we have a loving home already and he congratulated us on our decision to become foster parents then he said YOU PASSED with no violations!! Hooray!! So we could be parents any day now!!! So crazy how we have waited for this final inspection and now it doesnt seem real that we could get a call and be asked to foster a child even today! keep us in your prayers. we will keep you all updated (sorry no pics on the net b/c of rules but we can snail mail them or email)


thebensonator said...

AH!! I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations!

Stephanie said...

That is so exciting! It's so great! You guys are going to be awesome parents! I'm so happy for you guys!

Shorty said...

Hi, Melissa Mae! I'm Mica, and I think your blog is a really good read. I have a friend who has the same name as yours, and she chanced upon your blog one day when she got bored and googled her name. Haha! She saw your blog and got really excited because you two have a LOT of similar interests; for one, she's an active Christian, too. :) She buzzed me on YM and gave me your link, and it'd be really cool if you can check out her site and drop her a line, I'm sure she'd be thrilled to hear from you. :)