Friday, January 07, 2005

i feel so blessed

so i could be counting the hours until we leave or i could be counting the things i have to do before we go..but i was just figuring out our finances and i thought i had to pay david's cell phone bill which i had right in front of me that had come in the mail...well i was so on top of things that when i signed onto Verizon Wireless to pay it the balance was $0 so i paid it online before the bill even arrived...this is a blessing because that means we have $100 more then i thought we had and since neither of us will be working for the next two weeks..and neither of us have vacation pay coming to us...the extra money is so cool..i sure am glad i pay our bills ontime and sometimes early...all of the money for our trip is accounted for we are still waiting for one client to pay but they are paying directly to the church so that is good we dont have to worry about cahsing their check and then getting a check to the church/// ok i know i am babbling. i am looking forward to going shopping tomorrow for the necessities...SUNSCREEN and BUG SPRAY...i think i might buy a fly swatter too if i can find one...but it isnt a necessity....but i hate flies so i think it might be helpful for me...of course i can always use a rolled up magazine or the center of a roll of paper will be ok....if i had a vaccum i would just vaccum them up. oh yea i have to forward or put a hold on art & soul's mail tomorrow...better add it to my list.


Katie Drake said...

that's awesome!!! and you're so resourceful melissa mae!

what... davidMac said...

resourcefull.... and HOT... ouch, i just burned myself