Monday, January 03, 2005


So i have been trying to make plans for Art & Soul for this new year...and it is a little overwhelming.
To do:
-Go over all inventory
-Clean and Organize all Stock
-Decide what "NEW" items to order
-Design Art & Soul line for pre-painted pieces
-Clean Floors
-Add pictures to the walls for SALE (David Mac Originals)
-Paint samples of all colors for each table
-Fix chairs that are broken
-Paint new cups for table centers
-Get new lights (track lighting)

that is all i can think of for now...i know there is a lot more. this is what you do when you have your own business. or atleast its what i do make lists of what i need to do and try to complete in some sort of a time frame. wish me luck.


mom said...

Yeah Missy I know what ya mean I ma doing the same blasted stuff and we work other jobs toooooo. Love ya mom

Corrie said...

Is that all?!?! teehee...