Friday, November 04, 2005

some pictures from our trip

Image hosted by
me & david on the top story of the church before the roof began
Image hosted by the church before we started (check out the scaffolding)
Image hosted by passing roof tiles (we moved 17,000 tiles up to the second floor)
Image hosted by all the tiles
Image hosted by unloading the wood truck
Image hosted by more wood unloading
Image hosted by the ladies
Image hosted by dirt in the driveway we bucket brigaded to the 3rd floor
Image hosted by lifting the buckets of dirt


Stephanie said...

That scaffolding is very similar to the one we used in Ukraine. Must be a European thing! :)

I'm so glad you guys got to experience yet another Work & Witness trip! I'm sure you have lots of stories to share & I can't wait to hear some of them! Thanks for listening to the Lord's call! You guys are an encouragement! Love you!

what... davidMac said...

thanks for putting up those pictures... i love your photos

JodiJohnson said...

Looks like hard work, cool pics.(I think we were on our trips at the same time)

Jill Blatt said...

it looks like you guys did a ton of really hard work! i'm proud to call you my friends :)

Juliabohemian said...

great pictures. you are so lucky to have had that opportunity, not only to serve but to expose yourself to a foreign culture.