Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary Love!

HOLY GUACAMOLE - today is our 6th wedding anniversary...where did all that time go? I am so thankful for my husband and our relationship. we celebrated last night by going to a flogging molly concert that was definately a new experience for me. david and i went to many flogging molly "shows" (back when they played in small venues) before we were even dating and while we were dating. i really enjoy their music and especially the penny whistle/fiddle player she is amazing. so back in the day we actually got to be right next to the stage and listen to the music and enjoy the crazy antics of this irish punk rock band (i think). well last night opened my eyes to how crazy flogging molly fans are...i was warned before we went, but i never expected what the show was like. As soon as the band came on we were rushed by dozens of people trying to push thier way to what would become one of 2 mosh pits. Then during the show we were pushed and stepped on and we witnessed some crazy stuff. i am glad that i went and i stayed right next to david and there were some other nice guys that protected me and the other girls near by. one thing i can say is no matter how crazy it got in the pit if someone fell, everyone made sure that person got up and was ok. oh and did i mention girls were in the pit with all these big sweaty guys!! it was insane!! i really did have a good time and i will probably go next time if they come back to Atlantic city.
ps we are going out to dinner late tonight after art & soul closes...happy 6th anniversary love.

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Anna and Lilly said...

It is crazy how different it is to see them live now. Remember when we would just sit and hang out with the band. Now they are HUGE! We are cool though cause we have liked them for lonnnng time. P.S. Happy Anniversary PUNKS!