Tuesday, May 16, 2006

how old?

is 14 too young to be left home alone for the weekend? this was the question this morning on a radio station i was listening to. so what do you think??


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Probably 14 is too young I guess. Or it also depends on how mature the guy is?
and according to that one could know if he could be safe or not?

What do you think?

Hope you are having a nice week Melissa Mae. :)

Stephanie said...

I think it depends on the kid. Also, it depends who the kid has around him/her to help him/her out in case something came up. So it depends on the neighbors & the kid! :)

melissamae said...

i think any age is too young to be left entirely alone. i think the child could be left with a friend or family friend. but 14 is too young unless they live next door to their grandparents.i asked this question because i am 26 and i am not even staying alone...while david is gone. but also when i heard it on the radio it made me think.

melissamae said...
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B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Yup, I agree with your point Melissa Mae.