Friday, June 17, 2005

craft fair

so in cape may this weekend there is a craft fair on the boardwalk. it is very interesting because people come from near and far to sell their goods. so when i was going to buy some swedish fish for david and some chocolate covered peanuts(which they gave me a mix of raisins, cashews and peanuts - yuck) i saw a little old man at a booth with a sign that said "hand painted pencil sharpeners" so how many of those do you think he has to sell to pay for the booth spot?? these fairs are pretty expensive...i wont even fork out the $200-$300 bucks for them. some other things i saw were jewelry, pulls for cieling fans, silk flowers and ornaments. nothing was really my style. on top of all that the booths block my beach view. so i am not happy!

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