Wednesday, June 01, 2005

surfing & the big apple

so i was supposed to go surfing with my friend kelly but there were no waves. boo hoo! and so now i am going to have to wait atleast another week before we can go because we both work on the weekends and maybe longer because she works almost everyday! other then that we are driving up to NY tomorrow and we are going to get to see amanduh! i am so excited...she is coming to the big apple for a book convention and she is going to get lots and lots of free stuff....i mean books. she told me that jet blue lets you check 3 bags at 70 pounds each and she brought 3 extra suitcases for all the free books she is going to get. i hope she gets good stuff because she always shares her books with me. ok so i am working on compex work because i will only work 1/2 a day tomorrow....i am so excited for NY!! i love the city and best of all the water taxi!


thebensonator said...

the water taxi's the best!! :)

briangabriela said...

Hope you spend a great time in NY. :)

God bless,

Gabriela. :)