Saturday, June 04, 2005

fun in the "CITY"

So we had a nice day in NY. we ended up taking a PATH train from NJ to NY instead of the water taxi it was only $6 total and the water taxi is $25 and it dropped us off right in the remains of the world trade center...the water taxi is a long walk from the landing to the subway. and the biggest bonus is it runs all night!! we got back to our car around 11pm...the sucky part is then we had to drive back home which is about 3 hours. By the time we got to exit 20 we were hurting...exit 0 seems so far away. we have been at the store today all day and it has been steady...that is nice because it makes the day go fast. oh in case you are in cape may i have 2 big events at art & soul this month - Fri. 6/17 Ladies Night - PJ PARTY and Sat. 6/25 Princess Party - Be sure to wear your tiara!


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man, i want to come to the princess party !