Wednesday, June 09, 2010

new car!! well suv.

So we decided it was time to get me some new wheels! After much searching I found a few prospective suv's and vans. The dealership was a joke and we walked out when we were ready to sign the deal because they were messing around. We then received 5 phone calls from different "higher ups" at the dealership. Amazingly they were able to lower the APR to fit our budget after checking our credit score again. It makes me sad how the car sales business is run. But it makes me happy that we walked out and ended up with the deal we wanted on our new to us 2006 Isuzu Ascender (it is the same thing as a trailblazer or envoy) I love my new car and it seats 7 so if anyone wants to come visit you dont have to rent a car...we have plenty of room!!

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jill blatt said...

nice! way to work it :) enjoy your new truck hehe