Tuesday, December 27, 2005

california or bust

so we are here getting all settled in and here are a few things i already know i forgot.
1. alias dvd's for chris cooley (sorry)
2. david's glasses
3. favorite pillow (my mom has some good replacements though)
4. printer (left it on purpose but wish i had brought it for easy printing)
5. to take down the christmas decorations in my windows at home and at art & soul
6. to invoice one customer for a job we did for them
7. my michaels gift cards (left them on purpose - but now if i want something at michaels i know i have a gift card at home so i wont want to buy it with my cash money)

tomorrow i am off to glen ivy day spa, a christmas present from my tony. i am very exicted but i need to get to sleep, we just got back from hanging out at my dads where i saw most of willy wonka, part of herby fully loaded and part of fever pitch. i think next time i go over i am going to watch bewitched.


Steve said...

Argh! You're on the west coast. And here we are on the EAST coast. (Well, almost!) Have fun in sunny CA. We're enjoying balmy SC.

Jill Blatt said...

glad you're here! how long are you here for? we'd love to see you guys!!! call me or email me please :)

thebensonator said...

Hey so now that you're in CA... when do I get to see you? ;)
And hopefully you don't think of anything else you forgot! :)

Stephanie said...

Hope you had a relaxing day at Glen Ivy. :) Nick & I don't really have any plans for New Year's Eve yet...?? Call me when you can. Talk to you later! :)