Thursday, December 01, 2005

wonderful world of melissa

so what goes on in my world? well yesterday i went with grandmom to micheals and then helped her decorate and then she called and asked me to go shopping today...unfortunately i was working today so i couldnt go shopping. but we have a fun time of shopping set for 8am tomorrow. we are going to go to Lowes and Dollar Tree... now i dont know if you have ever been shopping with a grandmom but it is an experience something that would take 1 hour usually takes 5-6 hours. so tomorrow after working in the early am and going to breakfast and shopping then i will head my store to load the kiln and hang some christmas decorations. ( i know i am late but better late then never, right?)


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Melissa Mae. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hey, saw the pic with your female friends. You look very cute in your navy dress.

Hope you spent a nice time shopping with your grandma. Enjoy spending time with your grandma. Those are beautiful moments that in a future you will remember.

I look forward to seeing my grandpas when in Dec'05 in Mexico City.

Have a great weekend you and Dave. Bye for now. :)

Juliabohemian said...

I am relieved to know they have Michael's on the east coast, just in case I ever move there. It would be one of my prerequisites.

Corrie said...

I wish that seeing me was part of the wonderful world of melissa. :) As soon as my girl's retreat is over, I will try & call you since we haven't chatted in a while. I love you!