Thursday, December 22, 2005

delivery complete

this morning i delivered 450 ornaments to the elementary school day care. i would never have gotten them all dremeled and got little tags and strings on each one. with out the help of david cousin jimmy and brittany. the tags say "Created Especially for you by Your child with the help of Art & Soul Ceramics 884-9480" since i give them a 75% discount i decided that i needed to have something on each one that said where they came from but i also didnt want it to be overly advertising. so that is what i decided on. it is a huge load off my shoulders thanks to cousin jim , brittany and david for staying up so late helping me. thanks so much!


thebensonator said...

wow! I agree about the partial advertisement with the ginormous discount! very cool though... glad you were able to get it done :)

Stephanie said...

Heard you are in California now! So when do I get to see you?! :) Let me know if you guys can hang out sometime. Love you!