Thursday, December 15, 2005

christmas is coming...ready or not!

so i think i am still in shock that it is the month of december. but its here and all of the wonderful christmas plans are coming and going...(like the journey to find jesus) and tonight we have Matt's Stocking which is a ministry born out of a tragedy. The Lassor Family began Matt's Stocking in honor of Matt who was killed in a car accident I am not sure how many years ago, but i do know that this is a beautiful ministry that keeps Matt alive in a sense. The family finds out the needs of local families for presents for the children and then the needs are placed on stockings and you can take a stocking and buy the gift then they group them by family and people come together to wrap them and someone shares a story about Matt and a message and you would not believe how many presents there are it is amazing. i am so blessed to get to be a small part of the ministry and i am overwhelmed with everything that goes into this. please say a special prayer for the lassor family today especially for april. thanks!! i will post pictures of some of the happenings or david will of course.


thebensonator said...

I think I remember you saying something about that last year also... That's pretty cool that something so awesome can come out of a tragedy like that.

beacherteacher said...

I love the holidays for that reason. Everyone is so giving.
I just went this morning and bought gifts for a family of 6 kids being raised by their grandmom who is battling a brain tumor. I cry just thinking about it.
Merry Christmas. We are so lucky.

beacherteacher said...

Oh yeah...
Michael's site is up and running!?

Macie is going to try to do hers tonight.