Thursday, April 14, 2005


so i like to scrapbook...sometimes i feel like it is outdated though. so i am a little bit behind in my depends on how you judge time. i could be a lot last night david was working and i didnt feel like working so i scrapbooked. i finished 2002 and now i am working on 2003...well i havent started 2003 but that will be the next step. one wierd thing is that 2002 is very slim - i must not have had a good camera or maybe i lost film and didnt get it developed, because it is much skinnier then all of the other years of our married life. myabe the 2nd year of marriage is boring i dont know. so i decided 2002 and 2003 can go in 1 album...hopefully that doesnt make the album too thick. (yes i am worrying about the thickness of a scrapbook - how pathetic)after 2003 i have to start ordering prints because we got the canon digital rebel and just look at our pictures on the computer now (this takes me back to the outdated scrapbooking) i can now order books from apple that have captions and my photos and are bound and much smaller then my when i do finish 2003 i might change my method...i havent decided yet, but when the time comes i might go from my scrapbooking to ilife booking.


Corrie said...

Awe... if you change your method, it won't be as personal! Part of the joy of scrapbooking is looking at what you have accomplished. I think I am 5 years behind!

Stephanie said...

I know how you feel! I'm not even doing them by year...I just want to complete my wedding! I can't even seem to get that done. But seeing as how you aren't into 2003 yet, you have some time before you'll need some wedding pictures from me. :)

outofthesilent said...

Even though there are the wonderful "online" and "print offline" type things (via apple and the like) I still think there is something about an actual "pciture." It is something you can "touch." Those "books" by computer are nice for coffee table stuff, but I think the Scrapbooking is a much more personal thing (like corrie said). Keep scraping... it can't be outdated... I have my great grandparents scrap books with corners and all...

Jill Blatt said...

Don't feel too bad Melissa, by looking at my scrapbook, Josh is only 2, Micaela is only about 18 months, and Josiah doesn't exist! Of course there are random, more current pages done too, but none are in the order they should be...And yes, they are much more personal and interesting and funny and memorable and and and to look at then a computerized one would be :)

ClaudBLOG said...

Stick to scrapbooking - I'm a closet scrapbooker and proud of it (don't tell anyone)

Gabriela said...

Hi Melissa Mae, scrapbooking sounds great to me.

Hey, I have seen the pics that you have taken and I like your style. Keep it up.

Hey, I remember when I was a little girl and until my teen ages , my mom had in a box this bunch of miscellaneous pictures of every member of the family, and then later she decided to clasify all those pics and to make out of them personalized photo albums for bro, another for my sis, one more for me and a last one for herself & my dad, which I thought was a great idea. Then I kept filling my photo albums with pics, as I have always loved to take pics & pics of everything (people, natural places, important events to me, etc).

I unfortunatelly left my photo albums in Mexico when I came to the U.S. as I could not bring so much baggages, but hope to pick them up soon as they include the story of my life (from when I was a little baby till two years ago.

Unfortunatelly also the rest of the pictures taken of me, from two years ago till now have been taken with my digital camara, so I have not printed out any. But it would not be a bad idea to continue filling my albums. Miss my albums. Hope to get them in Dec'05.

Talking about my wedding pics, the photographer gave me the printed besides the digital ones, but unfortunatelly I have not made any photo album yet out of the printed ones. Oh, that is another pending I have to accomplish.

Ok for now I say bye.

Keep up your great job.

God bless & thanks for having posted in my blog.

Gabriela. :)

D.T. said...

Yeah, I totally agree...physical scrapbooks are way better! I myself, dont know the "joy" of scrapbooking, but my friend Nicole does.

She has a ton of ablums, and a decorated bedroom, filled with them, and all of them are equally beautiful and unique. I just dont think an online one can compare.

JodiJohnson said...

I just think it's cool that you take the time to scrapbook. I wish I could scrapbook. I'm sure you do an awesome job, cause you are creative.