Friday, April 15, 2005

Light Up Shoes

so i have been looking on the internet today for "Light Up Shoes" for a friends birthday present...and have had no luck. If i wanted to buy clear shoes with lights in the heels for prom then i could get them....but i am not looking for prom shoes i am looking for sneakers like what all the little kids luck so far. i think i might try to make some with led lights...but then they wont turn off...unless i can find led lights that are motion activated. i am on a mission...wish me luck!


Stephanie said...

My friend, I'm not sure that your search will end in sweet success...

According to the link above, these are only a mere memory, a thing of the past.

Charlie says this: Light-up Sneakers - They are available for kids... but not for adults who want to be kids.
Light-up Sneakers, Adult - In as much as I (Charlie) can determine, they haven't made them since around the time of the LA Gear light GEAR sneakers.

I am sorry...very, very sorry! But I still wish you luck in your quest!

Gabriela said...

Hi Melissa Mae.

Hope you good luck in your search.

Related to the comment of Stephaine, yup, I remember those LA Gear sneakers. They came into big fashion in those times I was getting started with junior highschool (A long time ago, he...) I was 12 and now I'm 29. :)

Let us know if you had success in your search. I hope so.

Bye. I have been studying like crazy today for my job interview due Monday. Got to go back to study.

Bye and hope you are enjoying your weekend.

God bless,

Gabriela. :)