Wednesday, April 13, 2005

my choice - Happy Birthday to ME!!

thanks for all of the ideas...especially Laura...i laughed so hard i almost peed my pants. here is what i decided cost a little more the my gift certificate but since i got free shipping i figured it evened out.
my choice


Jill Blatt said...

Nice choice! I think I would've made the same can never have too many shoes, especially when they look as comfy as those sandals do!

Stephanie said...

Good choice! :) I need to get some new flip flops too...summer is coming quick!

Gabriela said...

Hey Melissa Mae. Those shoes look nice, comfortable and fresh. I would say you made a good option, just right for the coming warm weather.

Talking about warm weathers. Here in WA we are still kind of cold despite of the fact that the days look sunnier than a month ago. To my hubby this weather is normal, but to me it's still cold as I'm from Mexico City. I'm going about to get used to this weather though.

Bye and God bless,

Gabriela. :)

thebensonator said...

what? no gnomes?? Well I guess your choice is a bit more practical and fun :)