Saturday, April 16, 2005

the new guy on the block

so the small town that we live in is growing or atleast the surrounding area is growing. we recently got a Lowes and Joe Canal Liquor and Hollywood Tan in Rio Grande which is about 8 miles from our house. The one that is causing a big fuss is Hollywood Tan...people are so excited to be able to tan for $19.99 per month. This became evident to me a few weeks ago and then again today when we were shopping for a surfboard the ladies in the store were having an indepth conversation about the hollywood tan made me giggle.

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Gabriela said...

Hey Melissa Mae, it's funny how so many Americans want to get darker of the skin, and in Mexico where people is mostly dark of the skin, they try not to bask in the sun too much to avoid getting darker, as light skins call the attention more.

Related to me, I'm very light for a Mexican and I guess I have become more pale since I came to this city where there are not so many sunny days. So my hubby & I look very pale, but we feel ok about our color.

Hey Melissa Mae, I don't know if those tanning reatments can cause damage or cancer to the skin, as those appliances work giving radiations. What do you think?

Ok, I just got done posting comments to all your recent posts including the one of your business logo, and now I'm going back to study. Take care.

God bless.

Your Mexican friend,